Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

Location : 35 Zhongjiang Road



Located at the southern end of Zhongjiang Road, the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center is in the center of Changfeng Ecological Business Zone. On the other side of the Suzhou Creek is Hongqiao Development Zone.


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Introduction of Conference Halls

Covering 9,000sqm, the Center is one of the largest ones in Shanghai. It features convention, dinning and movie, and offers modernized and intellectualized service. The Center consists of the Pearl Hall including a video conference room, a VIP meeting room, a multi-functional room.


16,000sqm exhibition hall provides a large venue of modern exhibitions and conventions to make up the shortage of exhibition platform in Shanghai. It can host hot exhibitions on automobile, trade, IT, luxury goods, environmental protection, bio-pharmaceutics etc. 5,000sqm catering area provides high-end banquet, simple working dinner and relaxing afternoon tea.

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