Liuli China Museum

Location : No.25 Taikang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai



China\'s first glazed glass art museum, Liuli China Museum blends the glaze culture of China with that of other countries and has on display a wide range of glazed glass artworks, fleshing out a world of glazed art. The venue took Zhang Yi and Yang Hui, the designers of the museum and the founders of China\'s modern glazed glass art, 3 years to come up with a design. All spaces in it are based on glazed glass, paying tribute to glazed glass aesthetics and conveying the idea that glazed glass \"is not only a building material and a vehicle for creative work, but also an oriental way of thinking about spirit and life\". The venue\'s construction took 8 months. A \"Glazed China\" concept has come into being through the venue\'s detailed entirety.



Zip Code





Line 9 Dapuqiao Station


20 RMB

Business hours

10:00-17:00 (closed on Monday)


A juxtaposition of the design elements of museum, café and lounge, the art museum creates a unique cultural and romantic ambience in daytime and nighttime. It contains two floors. The first floor focuses on ancient China\\\'s glazed glass creations, the world\\\'s glazed glass masterpieces and the new creations by 10 internationally recognized glazed glass artists. On the second floor a rich oriental whiff of art is felt with the best works of art by artist Yang Huishan on display.

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