Mercedes-Benz Arena

Location : No.1200 Expo Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai



The Mercedes-Benz Arena, former Shanghai Expo Culture Center, is located by the riverside green of Expo Park Zone B and covers a total floor space of about 160,000 square meters.As a new landmark and vanguard of Shanghai\'s entertainment and leisure living sectors, the Mercedes-Benz Arena, integrating the functions of theatrical performance, restaurant, shopping and leisure, will become a hub and focus of Chinese and even the world\'s first-class entertainment events.



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Line 8 China Art Museum Station

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Introduction of Conference Halls

The main hall, with 18,000 seats and the world\\\'s top-notch stereo and stage system, is able to provide perfect technical support for all kinds of musical, cultural, theatrical and sports events.


The comprehensive retail zone, covering a space of around 20,000 square meters, is an interactive commercial center with shopping, entertainment, food & beverage and leisure functions. Every guest will certainly have a new and diversified one-stop leisure and entertainment experience here.

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