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Here is something you never want to miss. Tripbuy is a tourism shopping platform of authentic specialties trusted by over 100 million white-collar workers on their business trip. It is the first innovation company of tourism shopping in China based on the concept of travel and internet. Tripbuy aims to deliver specialties to the world and develop the spirit of artisan. With the main brand \"Tu Hou\", Tripbuy builds a mobile operation system of tourism shopping.



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It solves all problems tourists might encounter from the supply end: quality products and fair price. No more lies or rip-off. The online commitment of goods exchange or return with no reason within 7 days clear all concerns about tourism shopping. Guides have no psychological burden while tourists have no regret. Thus, Tripbuy is really the first Internet tourism shopping platform which makes tourists enjoy both travel and shopping.


Shanghai Travel E-Coupons

Supervised by the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, Meet in Shanghai is an online platform that offers visitors complimentary vouchers, tickets, souvenirs, and special discounts for flights, hotels, tourist attractions, and shopping outlets throughout Shanghai.

You could win: Free flights, Vouchers for free hotel stays, Free tickets for admission to top tourist attractions, Vouchers for free afternoon teas, Exclusive discount tickets for admission to top tourist attractions, Shopping discounts, Souvenirs.

Diese Webseite ist dem Shanghai Verwaltungsbehörde der Kultur und Tourismus (touristische Angelegenheiten) direkt unterstellt, deshalb ist sie eine ofizielle Informationsplattform für die Sehenswürdigkeiten, Hotels, Konferenzen, Messen und Ausstellungen in Shanghai. Sie bietet den Reisenden im In- und Ausland, den Veranstaltern im Bereich Konferenzen & Messen, incentive travel, Ausstellungen und anderen Veranstaltungen fachliche Reiseinformationenen über Konferenzen, Messen, Ausstellungen und incentive travel an.